The Master Cleanse Day 2

Since I am all about keeping the body Alkaline, my daughter asked me a thought provoking question.  Does the Master Cleanse keep your body alkaline?  Now that was an excellent question because even though I check my PH daily, I have never checked it during the Master Cleanse.

I felt a new experiment dawning!  The weekend before starting this May cleanse, I checked into a posh resort at Disney and ate my way through some of their award winning restaurants!  Not worrying about being Alkaline and why should I, everyone knows Disney is magical!!  So I was not surprised when I checked my PH this morning and got a 6.0 reading, which is Slightly Acidic!  So the question is will the Master Cleanse correct my PH levels?

If I am coaching you, you know my litany about Green Smoothies, raw soups and raw food in general  and how amazing they are for putting the body in an alkaline state.  So how can this happen without these foods?

If you are into acidic foods vs alkaline foods, one would think the lemons and limes used in the Master Cleanse will cause you to be acidic, since these are considered acid foods.  But I am under the belief that lemons and limes in their raw state will produce an alkaline ash in the body, thus leaving you alkaline.

It will be interesting to see.  The Master Cleanse has been praised for it’s numerous health benefits.  We shall see what is does for a slightly acidic body.  I will check my PH daily during this cleanse and share my findings with you, in case inquiring minds want to know!

This is just Day 2 for me  and if you want to join us you still can.  In fact it is always better to cleanse with a friend, so lets be friends on Facebook!  Simply click “like” in the column on the right and join me.  Not on Fb?  Write your comments about your personal journey on the Master Cleanse, below and I will answer you right here!  I just think it is more fun on Fb!

…until tomorrow

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    • Pamm Turner

      Jerry, I guess now isn’t a good time to tell you not to watch TV commercials! LOL every other one is about FOOD!!! I don’t watch TV at all during the 10 days!

    • Pamm Turner

      Proud of you Karen. That very coffee that smells so wonderful is probably what is causing your withdrawal headache! I think when our sense of taste is not being used our sense of smell heightens! Keep it up, glad you are in!