The Master Cleanse Day 1

May 16, 2012

Master Cleanse

So we are doing the Master Cleanse as a unit on Facebook.  I call this corporate cleanse three times per year, in January and July for those that want to cleanse twice per year and in January, May and September for those, like me, that want to cleanse three times per year.  I am not sure how many friends have joined in this time, but I am on Day 1.  I am a firm believer that it is always better to cleanse with a friend.  So how about with hundreds of them! (smile)

So now let’s talk about Day 1.  First instead of making the gallon of lemonade like I normally do, I opted to make 3 quarts to take to work.  Why 3 qts instead of a full gallon?  Well you want your lemonade as freshly made as possible.  The enzymes in the fresh lemons and limes have a limited life span so you want the benefit of “live” enzymes in your drink.

The problem with that bright idea was I forgot I was working a 10 hr shift, in the Florida sun!  The 1st two hrs were a breeze, the next 2 hrs were harder, next 2 hrs I was tired, beginning to feel weak and could not find my smile. And then the unthinkable happened.  I ran out of lemonade with 4 hrs to go.

I took a late lunch (why not I couldn’t eat anyway) went home and made my 4th qt of lemonade.  And my strength was renewed.  It started to rain at work, I had more lemonade and the sun let up. I felt refreshed.

The Master Cleanse is not easy, but I have done it twice per year, every year for the past 13 yrs.  There are good days and bad days, but at the end of the 10 days, you feel squeaky clean, with a flat belly.  You may notice your face is leaner and you feel amazing!  Just my perspective!

If you want to join us and start the Master Cleanse, there are some things I recommend you do.  The first thing is to buy and read the booklet, The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs.  Yes, it is that little yellow Master Cleanse book.  It is a quick read only about 50 pages.  You can find it in Health Food stores, at specialty fresh market stores, or you can order it at a bookstore.  I have also heard it can be ordered on line.

Next it might help if you watched my video on What To Buy, What Do You Need .  After you purchase the items, watch this video, How to make the lemonade by the gallon.  Still with me?  Great, now for encouragement and support, look to your right in the “Find us on Facebook” column, click “like” and post that you are joining us!  Please leave a comment below and let me know how your Master Cleanse Day 1 went! (smile)

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