The Green Challenge/Green OJ

February 10, 2015

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Meet Sarah!  Sarah is a young, savvy, successful salesperson for a fortune 500 company.  Sarah is strong willed, beautiful and unlike most business women her age, she can really cook.  What Sarah fails to do is eat what is good for her… so she eats what she likes!  Knowing this I suggested Sarah take the Green Challenge?  My Green Juice Challenge continues as I share the theory, What if you added greens in every meal, breakfast lunch and dinner?  You would get a terrific nutrient boost to your daily food intake.  Sarah gave me a resounding “NO.”  I think my ears are still ringing!

So Hubby and I were invited to dinner.  Not wanting to arrive empty handed, I brought a bag of oranges and a bag of organic spinach.  After dinner my hostess, Sarah was gracious enough to allow me to have her dig up a juicer, and she allowed me to forage through her pantry, to see what she eats!

It took some persuading, but Sarah took the Challenge and was surprised at the results!  Watch her video to see just how reluctant she was to even try the challenge!

Spinach has a very mild taste and can blend into your favorite fresh juice without adding a distinct flavor, so it is a perfect way to help you incorporate more nutrition into your day.

To take the Green Challenge with something as simple as your fresh juice, just throw a handful of spinach in the juicer with your favorite fruit.  It is that easy!

You can expand The Green Challenge by incorporating spinach or other green leafy vegetables into your meals as well as your juice!  Continue this method of eating and your body will build up layers of nutrients like it once did fat cells!  Make a choice, choose high nutrient foods with every meal.  Make every calorie count and do not choose foods that are “empty” calories.  Empty calories are foods that have little or no nutritional value, but high in fat, sugar or salt.

I am on a mission to get people on The Green Challenge.  You can either try it on your own, or we can do it together, but do make time in your day, and room on your plate to add more green leafy plant food in your body.

If Sarah can do it, you can too!  Watch the video of my co-worker who would rather have green jelly beans than spinach in her orange juice…  (smile)

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