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Eat the Rainbow – Transform in 30

February 5, 2016



Eat the Rainbow, the Colorful Way to End All Dieting Have you tried them all? How would you like to walk into your grocery store, shop for natural food items and never have to diet again? No dangerous fad diets No prescriptions Eat as much as you want Wherever you want No kidding! Am I […]

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CeDarian One Year Check In After the Master Cleanse

August 10, 2014


December 31, 2012, New Year’s Eve, a young man drove 2-1/2 hours to meet me and ask for help.  CeDarian, then age 27 was tired of all the extra weight he was carrying around and wanted coaching for his weight loss journey.  The vehicle we initially used?  The Master Cleanse.  In six short months, by […]

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Raw Food Eggnog

December 19, 2013



Raw Food Eggnog …Hmmm.  Well we are underway on Week 1 of the 30 Day Raw Food Challenge.  What makes this time unique from the first one we did last September is this… This time we are going through the Holidays. Now that wasn’t MY idea, I am not a glutton for punishment!  My next […]

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Master Cleanse, Does It Work? CeDarian size 42 to 34

January 28, 2013


Lately I have been posting a lot about this young man that came to me to Body Coach him on the Master Cleanse. He was size 42 jeans and wore a double extra large shirts. Americans fondly refer to it as XXL. He came with a 44 inch waist and weighed in at 244 pounds! […]

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CeDarian Master Cleanse Day 22

January 21, 2013


CeDarian is back to check-in on Day 22 on the Master Cleanse. He has had a tough week, but he wanted to celebrate his Master Cleanse before and after, losing two inches off his waist. This takes him from beginning waist of 44″ down to 37-1/2″. This is part IV of CeDarian’s journey! I coach […]

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An Alkaline Body is the Plan

December 12, 2012



I received a text yesterday asking about PH. Q. What do you do when you check PH and it is below 7? A. Add more greens to your diet.  Fruits and vegetables, raw food.  Veggies and raw food alkalize the body Q. How do lemon and limes alkalize if they are citrus acids? A. They […]

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