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Master Cleanse Results James Down 20 lbs 509 to 489!

October 30, 2016


James is back to weigh-in after his first Master Cleanse ever!  Did he make it the entire ten days?  No.  Did he do the Master Cleanse correctly?  No.  But what he did do, got him more results taking him further along his journey and a flying leap closer to his first milestone goal. James has a […]

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Homemade Vitamin Water

July 6, 2012

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Vitamin Water

You’ve gotta love the information age!  I was sitting on Facebook and up popped a photo from a woman in Ventura, California of her beautiful jars of, what she coined as, Homemade  Vitamin Water!  Not one to sit around saying, “one day,” I got up and took an outing to my favorite place… Those Fresh […]

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