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Master Cleanse Day 10

May 25, 2012


Now I can’t BELIEVE this!!!  This has been one of the hardest cleanses I have ever done!  It did not get easy.  I was hungry EVERY SINGLE DAY and TODAY on the very last stinking day I wake up feeling wonderful and I am not even the least bit hungry!!!  ROTFL  OF COURSE the energy […]

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Master Cleanse Day 5

May 20, 2012


at a restaurant during the Master Cleanse

Ahhh!  Woke up this morning and felt much better, in fact I felt elated!  I wanted to do a Colonic today.  I usually do a colonic on Day 5 and Day 10 of the Master Cleanse.  Why? Day 5, I like to do a colonic because during the Master Cleanse I do not do the […]

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