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Master Cleanse, Cleansing/Healing Crisis

July 21, 2012



Why Am I Toxic? Eating a poor diet, laden with fat, sugar, fried food, fast food, junk food Overeating Drinking excess alcohol Taking Drugs – of course I meant prescription medication! Medication – ok, so maybe I DID mean taking drugs  😛 Pollution – that’s tough to overcome since we can’t stop breathing! Cigarette smoke […]

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Can I Do the Master Cleanse with a Blender?

July 4, 2012


lemon model

A young man contacted me wanting to start the Master Cleanse.  He is getting married in February and wants to shed some excess weight. He does not have a blender and asked if he could do the Master Cleanse and just blend the lemon until it is liquified and then measure it into each serving.  […]

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