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Last Master Cleanse Class of 2014 begins October 31st

October 25, 2014


Ahoy, I work on a cruise ship so I am out this week, however I will be coaching the Master Cleanse when I return.  The orientation class is Friday, October 31, 2014.  If you would like to be a part of a Cleansing Support system and feel that cleansing is for you, then plan on […]

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Everybody Messes up, Get Up and Get Back on Plan

December 20, 2012


dollar menu

Everybody messes up, but the difference between some and others is, they mess up, they GET UP and get right back on the plan. I have successfully taken women from size 22 to size 10; from size 20 to size 10; size 22 to size 16, and everything in between.  The woman size 22 to […]

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First It Was Green, Then It Was Red!

December 15, 2012


cranberry juice

My good friend posted on Facebook, “Pamm I really want to know how you do this.  If I know specifically how you do this, then I can do it.” Okay.  First I have a personal conviction due to the fact I have a personal health testimony of the Power of Juicing and Cleansing the body. […]

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Master Cleanse Sea Salt Water Flush

May 27, 2012



Please Consult With Your Medical Practitioner before undergoing this, The Master Cleanse or any other diet. In this video Pamm Turner shows how to perform a proper sea salt water flush to cleanse your body during the Master Cleanse. Pamm also goes over the Sea Salt Water Flush recipe.  The Sea Salt Water flush is […]

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Master Cleanse Day 7

May 22, 2012


fat belly

Woke up and rejoiced!!! It is Day 8 for some, Day 7 for others and Day 6 on the Master Cleanse for Miss Karen that zipped up her size 6 last night!!! Kudos and congrats to you lady!  I am wearing my youngest daughter’s pants because nothing in my closet fits! The praise reports keep […]

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