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Raw Dessert – Chocolate Cherry Parfait

December 23, 2013


Raw Dessert Chocolate Cherry Parfait

One of my favorite aspects of raw food is Raw Dessert!  Maybe because I was told by a Holistic Doctor to go on raw food for 9 months, so my body could heal itself of a bleeding fibroid tumor.  I did, but back then Raw Food to me was simply salad, salad and more salad.  […]

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Candle 79 Vegan Restaurant Review

June 17, 2012


by Pamm Turner Five stars or hearts for Healthy Heart eating!  ♥♥♥♥♥ Being a vegan or raw foodist on vacation or even a work/cation, as I am on can be a challenge.  But NOT if you are in the Big Apple.  Candle 79 is an award winning restaurant on the upper East side.  An eloquent […]

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