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30 Days on the Master Cleanse?

January 6, 2013


A young man contacted me and said he needed help with his weight loss journey. He lost 55 pounds on his own with the help of a personal trainer. At that point he reached a plateau. Not being able to loose anymore weight, he started searching for an answer. Someone suggested he go on the […]

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An Alkaline Body is the Plan

December 12, 2012



I received a text yesterday asking about PH. Q. What do you do when you check PH and it is below 7? A. Add more greens to your diet.  Fruits and vegetables, raw food.  Veggies and raw food alkalize the body Q. How do lemon and limes alkalize if they are citrus acids? A. They […]

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Do French Fries Count if You Ate Them at Disney?

June 5, 2012


steak fries

We have talked about keeping your body in an alkalized state.  We should eat 80% foods that are alkaline and only about 20% foods that are acid forming.  Unfortunately in America we tend to eat about 90% or more acidic and only a tiny percentage of foods that are alkaline.  So let’s see why we […]

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Master Cleanse Day 10

May 25, 2012


Now I can’t BELIEVE this!!!  This has been one of the hardest cleanses I have ever done!  It did not get easy.  I was hungry EVERY SINGLE DAY and TODAY on the very last stinking day I wake up feeling wonderful and I am not even the least bit hungry!!!  ROTFL  OF COURSE the energy […]

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