Raw Food Shopping for after the Master Cleanse

August 9, 2014

Raw Food

It’s Day 5 on the Master Cleanse, just finished coaching the live webinar. I should be in bed fast asleep, instead I am full of energy, my body must be burning fat for fuel now. So as I look through some old files, I find a stash of videos I have never edited or posted.

I decided to post a video of a shopping spree I did last year with a client from Michigan.  Susan came out to see me after successfully completing my coaching series on the Master Cleanse and the 30 Day Raw Food challenge.

After the Master Cleanse, instead of having the cooked vegetable soup, as the book suggests, I like to put my clients on raw food. Once you have trained the body to go 10 days without any solid food, the body will be happy to eat anything.  That is a perfect time to transition to a raw food lifestyle or simply decide to add more raw food into meal planning.  Raw food has grown from it’s humble earthy beginnings of a salad or raw vegetables, to pate, sauces, main course and decadent desserts.  I was excited to introduce that new, more intricate side of raw food, now pleasing more grown up, fancy pallets.

Raw Food AlfredoPastaI decided I was going to teach Susan to prepare raw Alfreda over cooked brown rice pasta, Pesto pasta and raw brownies, made from pecans instead of  white flour!  To begin this project we needed to pick up food.  This can be a daunting task for the raw food newbie!  For me, it is amazing fun. In fact, I would rather shop for raw food than to shop for clothes!

A lot of people find raw food cost prohibitive.  Once you get your raw food kitchen stocked, it will become easier and less costly to keep it up.  You will find you have a lot of the items that the recipes call for.

Susan was like a kid in a candy store, super excited and open to trying something new.  She said more than once how much fun she was having and once back at her vacation condo, I was able to oversee her efforts as she un/cooked a raw food meal.  Susan was going to share her new raw food skills on hubby, once she got home!  The videos of what she actually prepared are on YouTube.



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