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January 9, 2014

Raw Food

Raw Food DemoI have been asked to do a Raw Food Demo for The Journey 2020, a live internet web talk show. The raw food demo will be tomorrow night, Friday, January 10, 2014 at 7pm Eastern standard time. The topic will be, incorporating raw food into your meal plans and how you can boost your body’s immunity by doing so.

The Journey 2020 is designed to engage in dialog on burning topics of today. With the explosion on raw food awareness and how it can affect your health and longevity, many people have a desire to explore what raw food can do for them, but are deterred by lack of knowledge on how to get started and the myth that it is super time-consuming.

During the raw food demo, I will not only prepare a meal in 30 minutes, but I will talk about the importance of adding more greens into your daily diet and how quick, easy and tasty it can be to do it!

Now I admit “tasty” is relative and so after the raw food demo, I will feed the two male hosts and we will get a man’s perspective on raw food and how it tastes.  One host is Dr. John F Robertson, Psychologist, PhD.  Dr Robertson channels his focus and passion in counseling and therapy working with bipolar individuals, couples in conflict and those struggling with recovery from traumatic life circumstances.  Charles Morse is heavily involved in community out-reach.  His primary focus is with the youth.  He hosted and produced, “Be Positive” and  “It’s Your World.”  These are the men that will be the judging panel for my raw food demo!

If you are wondering just how easy it is to create super immunity building, healthy meals and enjoy what you are eating, join me Friday, January 10th, for my

Raw Food Demo

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