Master Cleanse Pre-Cleanse coaching begins tomorrow at 9pm EST

January 8, 2013

Master Cleanse, Weight Loss

Welcome to the New Year! I hope you enjoyed the Holidays!

Many of you have signed up for information on the Master Cleanse! We do the Master Cleanse together as a group three times per year and we are doing the kick off Master Cleanse for 2013.

In your New Year’s resolutions did you include eating better? Losing weight? Cleansing? Here is your invite to join us!

The Master Cleanse Pre-Cleanse coaching, Day 1 is tomorrow, January 8, 2013 at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. You can join us by clicking the link,

You also have the option to call in, simply Dial (805) 309-0011. The Access Code is 722-703-439, the Meeting ID is 722-703-439.

Here is what to expect:
January 8th Pre Cleanse coaching Day 1
January 9th Pre Cleanse coaching Day 2

January 10th 9pm EST Master Cleanse coaching Day 1. You will drink your Laxative Herb tea that evening after the webinar and Monday we start, Day 1 of the cleanse. Each night we will learn another aspect of the cleanse, what to expect, why you feel the way you do, weight loss in general and how to come off the cleanse safely!

If this is your first time cleansing with us and you want to watch a video or two, go to my Master Cleanse playlist. I included the link below. Note: Get cayenne pepper powder, NOT the capsules. I talk about the capsules in the video, but I do the cleanse strictly by the book now, so get the powder! :)

Master Cleanse playlist, What to Buy, What Do You Need?

If you have any questions at all, there are a lot of places to reach me. Go to the website at There you will find the Facebook cleansing link, the youtube channel link and my blog PammTurnerBodyCoach is there. You can leave me a message on any of those sites but I live on Facebook so that is where I will look first! Also on Fb you have other cleansers and we all encourage each other.

I am really looking forward to working with you and taking this journey together. Some of you have already begun the Master Cleanse, but I love cleansing with friends, so just know we will be joining you shortly! :) Stay encouraged!

Look forward to seeing you on the call tomorrow night!

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