Master Cleanse Day 9

May 23, 2012

Master Cleanse, Raw Food

Woke up and sprung out of bed.  Day 9 on the Master Cleanse and the first thing I wanted to do is look in the mirror at my concave belly!  It is a great feeling to know you are doing your best to take care of your body.  My objective today is to prepare for the three days following the cleanse.  These are crucial days, because what you do when you come off the cleanse is so important to solidifying your results!  I suggest you have a game plan.  If you do not, you can quickly undo all of your efforts.  Especially if you go right back to eating the way you have all of your life.  Now that you have a great jump start on how your body looks and feels, it is time to make that decision that you will make a change… even if it is baby steps.

As a body coach, if you are on my team, I have a game plan mapped out for you.  It will not be easy, but what coach is easy?  The cleanse wasn’t easy for most… okay, let me confess, it was not easy for me!  On the conference tonight a lot of you kept saying, how easy it is and the fact that you are not hungry.  Kudos to you ladies!

The thing is, now is the time to set up some sort of plan moving forward.  You have not had meat, white sugar, white flour, white rice, fried foods, caffeine, dairy, alcoholic drinks or soft drinks in over 10 days.  Your body has survived without them.  If I am coaching you, you will not have them for the next three days, the next 30 days or even the next six weeks after that if you stick with me!

Before you lose it over the idea of not having your coffee, remember this, your body went through the withdrawals for the coffee.  Remember the terrific headache you probably had on Days 1, 2 and 3?  You no longer need your daily Coke, or your trip to Starbucks anymore!  Your flesh may want to take back up the old habits, but really, you are past that now.

You want to go back out and drink socially?  Would a cranberry juice, mixed with a splash of OJ really be that bad, or embarrassing?  Whatever you decide to leave behind in last week, prepare how you are going to explain it to your family and friends when they start asking you if you want this food item or that one.  You could always say, “My body coach is a fiend and she will have a fit if I start that bad eating habit back up!  (smile)

So what should you expect in the days ahead from me in the Master Cleanse post coaching?  I suggest you pick up a bottle of probiotics for use before you start back eating solid food… Notice I did not say “regular food.”  Why?  Well, I am hoping that you will make some better choices and cut some of the junk out of your regular fare!  As for the probiotics and why.  When you do the Master Cleanse, it cleans your digestive track.  Your body dumps out waste, toxin, mucus, the overall garbage including bad bacteria… and the good bacteria as well.  Using a probiotic will reintroduce the Good Bacteria back into your body, and that is a good thing.

So start putting together some ideas of what you can do to make a change, even a small one.  The effort you put into the next few days can determine how you will look when it is time to cleanse again!  Some people come on my page and say they gained all of their weight back and then some.  Some people say they gained some of it back but managed to keep a portion of it off.  If you have a plan in place you will be in the second category.  I usually on average gained back about five pounds.  The next time I would do the cleanse I would lose a bit more.  Now that I am at the weight I want to be, when I cleanse I am on a mission to gain my weight back, but I do it with proper food choices.

By popular demand, I am going to do another Post Master Cleanse Conference call.  I am going to supply you with menus and a shopping list so you can get prepared.  Think about what fruits and veggies you like and would be willing to incorporate in your meals over the next few days.  We are going to take that list and put together a plan.

Can you see the finish line?  It is right around the corner.  Great job, if you made it through.  If you did not, you might want to sign up for my coaching class next time.  Either way by doing the Master Cleanse, you took a giant step towards getting your body clean and better health.  I am proud of you!

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