Master Cleanse Day 8

A cleanser contacted me on my Facebook inbox very discouraged. She started with me at 301 lbs and had gotten down as far as 272.  I am super proud of her, but she was very down.  Reading all of the praise reports for the Master Cleanse and seeing women post pictures zipping up dresses they couldn’t wear a week ago, she felt bad.  She said she wasn’t losing weight like everyone else.  I told her to go and try on clothes and she said her clothes were fitting any different.  This was not her first cleanse, the last cleanse her clothes were falling off.  She said, “I do not think I am going to do this anymore.”

The Master Cleanse is a detox.  I have not eaten food in 8 days and this morning’s void reminded me yet again why I do this.  We eat garbage, even those of us who try to eat right.  Our bodies spend all year trying to digest, process and tuck away all of the excess garbage that we do not eliminate.  And it is massive amounts.  So much so that after 8 days without food, our bodies are still eliminating excess waste.  Where is it coming from?  Why is it still there?  What is it doing to my body?

The answer is it is slowly, ever so slowly poisoning your system.  It is slowly causing the diseases you will eventually have, the aches, the pains.  It will be the cause of the medication you take as an old person.  It will be the reason you body ages prematurely.  The Master Cleanse teaches us discipline.  Much needed discipline.  We are learning to tell our bodies, no.  We are taking control of our flesh and allowing the mind to rule the body, not our flesh rule our minds.

We are allowing our digestive system a much needed rest, while the trash is taken out.  This allows our bodies to stay healthy.  A body without the effects of purifying, toxic waste, mounting inside.  It also does something miraculous, helps keep us young!  You see, again The Master Cleanse is part of my anti aging regimen.  The side effect is it helps you drop weight.

So later I get a text from the same women stating she put back on her Body Magic and she was on the 2nd snap!!!  This is the same garment that she couldn’t get into when she started with me!  I was over the top excited.  …and she said thank you.  Wow, I know this is my ministry!

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