Master Cleanse Day 7

May 22, 2012

Master Cleanse

Woke up and rejoiced!!! It is Day 8 for some, Day 7 for others and Day 6 on the Master Cleanse for Miss Karen that zipped up her size 6 last night!!! Kudos and congrats to you lady!  I am wearing my youngest daughter’s pants because nothing in my closet fits! The praise reports keep popping up on the Facebook page so if you are on the cleanse and want to be encouraged, join us at PammTurnerBodyCoach on facebook!  It is always better to cleanse with a friend, or with hundreds of them! (smile)

If you are not losing as much weight as you would like, go try on some clothes that were too tight last week! Your body

losing 2″ off the waist is a Big deal!

responds to the Master Cleanse in different ways.  I am losing less inches than others, but losing more weight. Frankly give me the inches.  I don’t care what the scale says, I want a 24 inch waist!!! LOL Actually I am no where close to that, when I began the cleanse my waist was a 27.  After 6 days of cleansing it has gone down to a 26.  I usually do not weigh during the cleanse until the end, but I did weigh in on Day 5 and I had lost 11lbs.  Another cleanser reported she has only lost 7 lbs by Day 5 but had dropped 2 inches off of her waist!  I share this because I do not want you to become discouraged reading the praise reports of others!  Everybody is different.  You will have different cleansing reactions than other people, you will lose weight and inches at different intervals then others.

Question of the Day:  Someone asked me if she could use honey on the Master Cleanse just until her Maple syrup

Do not use Honey on the Master Cleanse

arrives.  The answer is no.  If you are part of my Master Cleanse coaching, you already know the answer to this one!  The only ingredients you can use on the Master Cleanse is Filtered water, Lemon juice, lime juice, pure Maple syrup, cayenne pepper and laxative herb tea.  That is it for the ten days of the cleanse.

The beauty of being on the second half of the cleanse is you think of the days not as Day 6, but as 4 more days!!  Not as Day 7 but just three more days!  So with just three more days, (smile) I stood in the hot Florida sun today next to a Turkey Leg and ice cream location.  I never even noticed how good a fat laden, sodium filled, artery clogging, turkey leg could smell… all day, and most of the night! 

My shift wasn’t over until 9pm so I worked late, and got home tired.  All I wanted to do was crawl into bed.  Seven days of no food and my son has two friends over and they made Brownies!!! Really? The delicious smell permeated the house and I could not hide. It was in my room, in my closet, everywhere!!  Brownies are only my absolute most favorite chocolate dessert EVER!!

So I sat on Facebook and suffered! (smile) Could this Master Cleanse get any harder this time around? …don’t answer that! LOL Tomorrow however, is DAY 8 for me and I can see the finish line from here!

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