Master Cleanse Day 5

May 20, 2012

Master Cleanse

Ahhh!  Woke up this morning and felt much better, in fact I felt elated!  I wanted to do a Colonic today.  I usually do a colonic on Day 5 and Day 10 of the Master Cleanse.  Why?

Day 5, I like to do a colonic because during the Master Cleanse I do not do the SeaSalt Water Flush more than twice.  That is because I do the SW flush on my days off.  Now before you jump on my “slacker” bandwagon I must confess.  Last year I had someone from Facebook join me on the Master Cleanse at least twice.  This man got up two hours early everyday before work and did his SW flush.  What made this particularly impressive is that he lives in Chicago and rides a train to work.  Talk about discipline.  He had amazing results on the Master Cleanse.  I hope he still does it regularly.  The SeaSalt Water flush can and should be done daily for the best results.

Now Day 10, I like to do a colonic because I am at the end of my cleanse.  As most of us struggle to make it to the finish line, 10 days is actually the minimum amount of days for the cleanse.   Therefore I do a colonic in hopes to go and get anything else that was loosening and had not been eliminated.

Note: the booklet, The Master Cleanser, does not recommend a colonic, this is something I do.  So do not quote me and tell others this is a must!  Now for the delicate question, what is a colonic?

Here is the canned answer: Colonic irrigation also known as colon hydrotherapy is an alternative medicine procedure designed to cleanse the colon. A soothing flow of triple filtered purified ultra violet water instilled gently into the colon. Colon hydrotherapy aims to restore, strengthen and maintain the proper function of the colon via water irrigation of the large intestine to stimulate the natural contraction (known as peristalsis) of the colon and eliminate waste.

I did not get the colonic today, no appointment available!  So I cashed in on a spa day, a Mother’s day gift from my youngest daughter.   A full body wrap, a facial and a pedicure.  Three and a half hours later, it was 7pm and Day 5 was almost over.  Good, or so I thought…

The guys at the station called and asked me to come hang out with them.  I told them I am on the cleanse and it is not a good idea.  The station manager insisted saying he set this up a while ago.  So I ask where and they said, to have a drink and watch a comedian.  I TOLD them I do not drink and I can not eat for another five days, so maybe next time.  Long story short, I go.  When I arrive one couple is chomping on Chicken wings and the guy I am sitting next to, is served a Humongous salad.  I did not know where to look.  I could not look at the two people in front of me without watching them slurp on their chicken and I could not seem to talk to the guy next to me without watching his mouth open to receive this amazing looking salad.  I was fuming. Can you say, INCONSIDERATE? The comedian could not seem to tell a funny joke.  Actually is anything funny when you are sitting at a table with three people eating and you have gone five days without food?  The entire room was filled with people consuming delicious fare.  With each passing minute more food was pouring out of the kitchen as servers bustled around, arms laden with mouth watering delights, to tempt the pallet, and my food deprived senses.  I lasted for one hour,  got up and fled.

The good thing is when I finally made it home Day 5 of the Master Cleanse was truly over, and I can crawl into bed and wake up to Day 6.  If the Lord’s will…

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