Master Cleanse Day 3

May 18, 2012

Master Cleanse

Day 3 was tough for a lot of us.  Someone wrote, ” I want some fruit sooooo bad I eat fruit on a daily basis and salad with my dinner and I am having a fit cause I can’t…”  My reply to her was, “Your flesh is having a fit, but your MIND is in control of your flesh. Discipline your flesh and tell it no. You are helping your body, like a self cleaning oven, you are cleaning out your insides. The first time is always the toughest! Hang in there we are with you! I wish you were posting this on my wall. It would help so many people who feel as you do!”

Why is Day 3 so tough?  I have done this cleanse at least twice per year for the past 13yrs and today was still tough for me as well.  I think Day 3 is bad because you are in three days of no food and your body is going berserk!  Your mind is screaming that your belly wants to be fed!  Your body has already kicked into detox mode and is taking out the trash but it will not be until around Day 4 that your body begins to burn fat for fuel!

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