Master Cleanse Day 10

Now I can’t BELIEVE this!!!  This has been one of the hardest cleanses I have ever done!  It did not get easy.  I was hungry EVERY SINGLE DAY and TODAY on the very last stinking day I wake up feeling wonderful and I am not even the least bit hungry!!!  ROTFL  OF COURSE the energy would kick in on the last day.  Not even 13 years ago when I started cleansing was it this difficult!

I stopped at my office and my leader, who happens to read my facebook page, waved a Chicken sandwich under my nose.  I waved it away laughing and said, “I am on Day 10 do you think that bothers me now?”  But the truth is if she had done that three days ago, I would have gladly wrestled her down to try and take it!  Nothing could damper my day.  Not even the familiar hunger that welded up in early afternoon, could phase me.  I just keep repeating, today is my last day, this is my last day!

I scheduled a Colonic and had the treatment after work.  OMG!  It was amazing.  Ok, sorry I do not mean to be graphic, but I love the feeling of a colonic at the end of my Master Cleanse.  I will not go into details, but a good colonics technician can really pull out what the cleanse did not get.  Why? Well, you have spent 10 days fasting and loosening up plaqued on garbage.  The colonic is like a high powdered hose washing away the debris that 10 days of lemons, limes and Cayenne Pepper loosened up.

It was the end of my 10th day and all of a sudden I noticed every fast food place on the planet, and there were plenty of them!  I even began to get really tired of the lemonade and in fact I stopped drinking it!  That was not a good idea, and I knew my body would start to dehydrate so I reverted back to something I used to do when I first started cleansing.  I took my lemonade and heated it in a potThe rest of the evening I drank it like hot tea, cayenne and all.  And you know what?  It tasted like a different drink!  It was actually very, very tasty!  Nice trick to keep under your hat for future cleanses!

So the final stats for me after ten days on The Master Cleanse.  I lost 14lbs, I started at 152 and weighed in at 138!  I now wear a size 3 pants, I normally wear a size 6 and I lost 1 inch off of my waist. 

I checked on my PH, which I started off with a “slightly acidic” reading.  Ten days of lemonade and I tested between 6.0 and 6.5.  I could not believe my PH raised slightly.  So that answered my question.  I drank lemonade for 10 days and instead of taking my body to “too acidic” it moved me towards alkaline!  As a rule I take my PH daily.  I purchase PH papers at a local Health Food store.  Another bonus, my blood pressure went down.  I am sure if I check, my cholesterol has dropped but I did not have a cholesterol issue to begin with.

So if you are wondering, what next?  According to the Booklet, The Master Cleanser, to break the cleanse, you simply go to bed and wake up juicing… ORANGES!!!  Yes blessed, beautiful oranges and not lemons and limes! LOL

All and all this is the most effective cleanse I have ever done.  I have had so many wonderful benefits from regular cleansing including staying young beyond my years.  I am 53 years old with no aches, pains and I do not take medication!  If you would like to do the Master Cleanse with us as a body of friends, I am calling the next one in July.  I will be coaching that 10-Day cleanse, however I will not be on that one.  I cleanse three times per year so I am not doing the Master Cleanse again until September.  Here are some links that might help if you are thinking about doing the cleanse.

What to Buy, What Do You Need?

How To Make The Lemonade

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If you join us, please leave a post and let me know!

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