Master Cleanse, Cleansing/Healing Crisis

July 21, 2012

Master Cleanse, Weight Loss

Why Am I Toxic?

  • Eating a poor diet, laden with fat, sugar, fried food, fast food, junk food
  • Overeating
  • Drinking excess alcohol
  • Taking Drugs – of course I meant prescription medication!
  • Medication – ok, so maybe I DID mean taking drugs  😛
  • Pollution – that’s tough to overcome since we can’t stop breathing!
  • Cigarette smoke – don’t get offended when I ask you to stop smoking your cigar around me!
  • Body care products i.e. body lotion
  • Make-up – don’t even think about asking your wife to throw out her lipstick.  Just put her on the cleanse!
  • Hair spray
  • Hair dye – I had better cleanse every year, because I NEVER plan to stop coloring my gray!
  • Toothpaste – I have a pet peeve about Floride so yes, toothpaste made the toxic list!!!

All of these contribute to our toxic overload.  This chemical build up is from months, years and decades of the body being exposed to toxic residue.

Think about it.  If you are in your 20’s and you have never cleansed, you have two decades of toxic waste lodged in your system.  If you are in your 50’s like me, and have never cleansed your body, you have FIVE decades of garbage tucked in your organs, your cells your joints…  No wonder you are sick!  No wonder you are on medication.  At 53 I can happily say, I have no aches, no pains and I take NO medication!!!  I will teach you how to walk that path!

We accept getting sick as a normal occurrence.  However there is NOTHING NORMAL about being sick!  Then when we cleanse and we feel sick, we stop the cleanse.  Could it be a Cleansing/Healing Crisis you are experiencing?  On tonight’s Master Cleanse Coaching call we discovered that while cleansing you may feel worse before you feel better.  We discussed what to look for to pinpoint a Cleansing/Healing Crisis, the do’s and don’ts of cleansing, and what can be done for relief… besides quitting the Master Cleanse, because quitting is not an option!  I even threw in a disclaimer for good measure!!  (smile)

Tomorrow we are going to talk about Fasting, so if anyone is giving you grief about giving your digestive system a rest, you will want to be on the live webinar.  To join us, go to the top of the page and click on the coaching tab, or Opt-in with the form in the top right column.  Once you become a member you can also get all of the back training to get you caught up as we go through 15 days of Master Cleanse Coaching.  So opt-in now, I will see you in the Member’s area!

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  • Jeananeen02

    I am currently of day 2 of the master cleasnse and am feeling very light-headed.  Cant wait til this passes and I am excited about the end results :-)

    • Pamm Turner

      Congratulations on Day 2.  I am happy you are with us. Usually a detox symptom will not last longer than 3 days.  A lot of people report they get relief after the morning’s elimination!  Please check back in and let us know how it is going for you!