Last Master Cleanse Class of 2014 begins October 31st


I work on a cruise ship so I am out this week, however I will be coaching the Master Cleanse when I return.  The orientation class is Friday, October 31, 2014.  If you would like to be a part of a Cleansing Support system and feel that cleansing is for you, then plan on joining us!

Master Cleanse?  What is it?

The Master Cleanse is a ten day liquid fast.  Ten days is the minimum and you can go as long as forty days.  The Master Cleanse is practiced by thousands as a method of cleansing and detoxing the body.  It is considered a relatively easy fast.  I do not know if I agree with that. I have done the Master Cleanse and it was super easy, and I have done the Master Cleanse and it was quite the challenge!  However it turns out for you, the beauty of cleansing with a support group is you have people united with a common goal.  We get together on-line to support and encourage each other.  We share our triumphs, testimonies and challenges.  We complain when we are hungry and gloat when we fit into that size 6 dress that we could not get into for years!  I realize everyone is not on Facebook…( really?) but if you are, click on the Fb box in the top right column.  Once the cleanse begins you will receive a daily email and we will meet on-line for a nightly webinar.

Did You Say Fast?!!!

Yes, fasting has been practiced for thousands of years for religious and health purposes.  Jesus fasted, for forty days.  I do not aim that high in goals, however I have cleansed every year, twice per year, for the past 16 years and I love this cleanse.  I have several personal testimonies and praise reports for doing the Master Cleanse.  Plus I insist it is the fountain of youth, and keeps me looking young!  There are several kinds of fasts.  Here are a few of the more popular ones:

  • Fruit Fasting
  • Rice Fasting
  • Juice Fasting
  • Water Fasting
  • The Master Cleanse

How Do I Get Started?

I am glad you asked.  To join the Master Cleanse Coaching Class of November 2014:

  • Go to my website
  • Input your email address – (that way I can send you the link for the webinar)
  • Watch the video
  • Pay for the class

You can prepare for the Master Cleanse by eating lighter meals for the next week until we start the cleanse. This is called an “ease-in” it is not necessary but some people prefer it.  If you are a daily coffee drinker or soft drinks, cut back for the upcoming week until you are off of the caffeine.  This will help you avoid the headache people get when their body is withdrawing from caffeine.

How Much Can I Lose?

I do not recommend that you do the Master Cleanse for the sole purpose of losing weight.  If you do the Master Cleanse to give your body a much needed break from digesting food, weight loss is a wonderful side benefit.  The amount of weight you will lose depends upon the person.  The booklet, the Master Cleanser says you will lose about two pounds per day.  I have seen an average of about thirteen to twenty pounds, in ten days.

You know you want to be healthier, feel lighter, have more energy and lose weight.  You want to clean the sludge out of your body so you can absorb nutrients and vitamins better.  So make a decision, ask your doctor and don’t miss orientation class, Friday October 31, 2014 at 9pm Eastern.  Go to click on Master Cleanse coaching, input your email address and pay for your seat.  See you next week!

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