James Down From 509 to 495! Will He Do the Master Cleanse?

October 8, 2016

Raw Food

Meet James DeShay.  He is a writer, a radio talk show host on internet radio, an ex college football player and a nice guy that needs to lose about 300 pounds.  What separates James from a lot of other people that may have the same need for a massive weight loss journey is that James has decided to get started!!  Is he on the Master Cleanse yet?  No, however James is on Eat the Rainbow with Pamm and he knows to lose weight you must be mentally ready for the battle you are about to have with your flesh.  Your flesh is not going to just allow you to deprive yourself of all the foods you are currently addicted to.  Yes, food addiction is real and I coach that during Eat the Rainbow and the Master Cleanse.

James started in September when he signed up for Eat the Rainbow.  He told his radio listeners on his daily, live show, Thoughts Love & Reflections, what he was planning to do and that he would keep them posted on his journey, good or bad news.  One thing I can say is that James deals with honestly and transparency and openly admits that he is not full on Eat the Rainbow.  He is on a sort of James-modified-version but his initial efforts has afforded him the reward of a loss of 14 pounds so far on the first 3 weeks of Eat the Rainbow.

We launched Eat the Rainbow in the beginning of the year as a way to help students on the Master Cleanse.  On the Master Cleanse you can lose 13 – 20 lbs, however when you return to the land of eating you can potentially gain it all back and then some!  That was one of the major complaints of the Master Cleanse.  Eat the Rainbow will give you guidelines on how to maintain your weight loss efforts by consuming a high nutrient/low calorie meal plan.  Mind you, I did not say low carb diet!  With Eat the Rainbow you will eat carbs in the form of fruit but it’s the complex carbs we leave behind.

In the video James is not convinced about doing the Master Cleanse but he has since made the decision and so he is going to do the Master Cleanse!  If you have been waiting, watching and wondering about the Master Cleanse, if you have not convinced yourself totally, but know you want to try it, why not hop aboard this time around.  James is going to join the long list of people that have successfully used the Master Cleanse to eliminate waste, detox and get cleaner on the inside.

James has a short term goal to lose 60 lbs by January 31, 2017.  My student Darrell only needs to lose 60 lbs total so he has jumped in to make his goal.  See, it is all about perspective!  Darrell was thinking 60 lbs is a lot, but inspired by James’ journey he now feels he can lose the 60!  What do you need to lose?   The wonderful side effect of the Master Cleanse is weight loss!  …and James could use some encouragement and company :)  The next class starts really soon so click here if you want to get signed up!

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