It Is Not Always About Green Juice!

December 14, 2012

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This morning I got up to help a friend study for a big test.  First, I had planned on juicing my Green Juice and doing 100 crunches.  A long phone call from my son left me scrambling to get ready, as to not be late.

Green juice and 100 crunches got postponed.  I had every intention of doing them when I got back.  I agreed to meet my friend in a gourmet food store because I had barely ever gone beyond the produce aisle, so I was all for it!  But he introduced me to something I had never noticed before… a pastry section!  So one chai latte and an almond croissant later, we were pouring over books, notes, chapter tests and flash cards…

Okay back up Miss Body Coach.  Did you say Almond Croissant?  Did you just break the rule of, No White Flour?!!!  Okay, so since I will not be able to “skate” by it, let’s talk about it.

I consider White Flour as one of the major demons of aging!  In my litany of “Do Not” White Flour is way up on the list.  Do Not eat White sugar, White flour, or White rice.  And all for the same reason.

The evils of White Flour

White Flour

Through refinement everything wholesome and nutritious has been stripped out of white flour.  Then to make us feel better about eating it, flour is “enriched.”  However what is added to enrich the flour is actually toxic!  The “iron” added is considered a metallic iron – Yikes!!  The wheat germ has been stripped from the product so the enriched flour is void of nutrition and is actually a starch.

So white flour is a refined carb – “Bad carb” and your body reacts to it the same way it does to white sugar!  Since everyone is aware loading up on bad carbs can contribute to obesity – my bad choice to pick the croissant over say, a vegan oatmeal, raisin cookie was not a wise choice!  Your body has to work extra hard to digest the garbage we pile into it and while your body is busy trying to keep you alive, it takes away from the time it can use to keep you looking young!

Now the irony of it all was I have eaten raw food and made smart food choices so long, my taste buds have changed.  The croissant tasted doughy when it should have tasted blissful!!  I kept looking at that white pastry thinking, why am I doing this?  And in the end it was emotionally unfulfilling.  Yes, we eat to feel good and that walk on the Wrong side today, did NOT make me feel good!

A friend asked me, “How does one get rid of cravings for meat?”  For me the question would be, how do I get rid of my cravings for pastry?  Well eating right will definitely begin to, NOT allow you to enjoy the stuff that is not healthy!  It takes a while but one day you will notice, you are reaching for the healthy, instead of looking for the junk!

So tonight I enrolled and went to a dance class!  Two hours went by super quick, I exercised without even realizing it and I FELT good!  Where the croissant did not do it, the dance class did!  I felt so good, when I got home I made a delicious raw food pasta dish.  Back on track, just like that!  😉

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