Homemade Vitamin Water

You’ve gotta love the information age!  I was sitting on Facebook and up popped a photo from a woman in Ventura, California of her beautiful jars of, what she coined as, Homemade  Vitamin Water!  Not one to sit around saying, “one day,” I got up and took an outing to my favorite place… Those Fresh Food type supermarkets.  Back with an armload of treats, I pulled out the Mason jars I have grown to love… you know, the kind our Grandmothers used!

In about five minutes I was dropping a stem of mint leaves into my completed, Pineapple Mint water.  I missed my chance to shoot a video since my cameraman had “gone fishing” in Daytona Beach.  For some reason he did not volunteer to drop everything and drive an hour to capture this moment on film for you.  So blame him that this is a blog instead of a youtube video!

In a flash the other science project was complete, Raspberry Lime water.  Now all that was left was simply to wait the four to six hours as directed.

This tip is actually compliments of, Ema’s Herbs.  The flavors she shared are: All Citrus, Raspberry Lime, Watermelon Rosemary, Blackberry Sage, and Pineapple Mint!  Ema I appreciate this so much, thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe!  Here is how to make your own vitamin water.  Add fruits instead of sugar for a natural sweetener.  Great for those that are not a fan of water!

  • Cut the fruit into paper-thin slices or small chunks
  • Combine ingredients with water
  • Refrigerate four to six hours and serve over ice

Later that evening

I was excited, but cautiously optimistic when I pulled out the chilled mason jar of Pineapple Mint.  I took out a delicate crystal goblet, (ok, it was glass!)  poured the water and took a tentative sip.

Absolutely delicious!  The beverage still tasted like water, but with a subtle flavor of fruit!  This is my new beverage for the summer months.  I work outside and take water to work.  How delightful to get my eight glasses of water a day with a flavor other than lemon plus a smidgeon of vitamins and nutrients as a bonus!  Try this on your teenagers, your spouse or whoever the, “I don’t like water” person is in your family.

Now fruit is ghastly expensive, so after you finish your flavored Vitamin water, toss the used fruit in your next smoothie!  I wonder what a Raspberry, Rosemary smoothie will taste like… ok, that is definitely a youtube video!

Pamm Turner is a certified Health Minister for Hallelujah Acres.  She also coaches the Master Cleanse, lemonade diet.  If you would like to join in the next cleanse, simply click on the red box, top right, for details.

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