First It Was Green, Then It Was Red!

December 15, 2012

Master Cleanse, Raw Food

My good friend posted on Facebook, “Pamm I really want to know how you do this.  If I know specifically how you do this, then I can do it.”

Okay.  First I have a personal conviction due to the fact I have a personal health testimony of the Power of Juicing and Cleansing the body.  Secondly, it naturally balances the body weight.  In the past I did Weight Watchers and lost about 20lbs, but with juicing and cleansing, I do not count calories, I do not weigh ounces of this portion vs. that, I do not eat on points and I do not diet… at all!

I cleanse three times per year for health reasons.  When I was younger and just beginning I cleansed twice per year.  At the end of the ten days, I drop weight and usually get thinner than I want to be, but I gain back to my ideal weight and sit comfortably there year in, year out… except Holidays.

Holidays are my “let my hair down time.”  I celebrate and eat, I eat to celebrate and I celebrate eating!  LOL!  However two days after Thanksgiving I go back into raw foods until Christmas and then I go back to celebrating to eat for another two to three days.  The most important things about my celebrating is, I cleanse going into the Holidays and I cleanse coming out of them!  Cleansing scrubs out the body on the inside and it keeps your body’s vitality level high!

So How Do I Do It?

Juicing and cleansing is a decision, a choice!  Because it takes time, once you choose healthy you must learn to fit it into your life.  Take me, I work a full time job.  Each day I start work at a different time, so I give myself two hours before I have to be at work.  I get up, I pray daily, I take 15 minutes to do 100 crunches.  We will delve into how to do crunches on another post.  Maybe tomorrow!  😉

Captain & Company
Morning show

After the crunches I get up and make one quart of Green Juice and one quart of fruit juice.  Today I juiced cranberry apple juice as my fruit juice, and took it with me to to the radio show I do on Fridays.  Since the guys are so used to seeing a jar of green juice, deep red burgundy juice threw them, and the JOKES began!  LOL

Cranberry Apple Juice

  • 1 cup of cranberries
  • 7 apples

Autumn is such welcome season.  The leaves change, although I have never seen them, I live in Florida!  The weather cools, festivals appear and we move to indoor activities like baking!  Autumn is also cranberry season, so buy a big bag of cranberries and pop them in the freezer.  To make Cranberry Apple juice, measure one cup of frozen cranberries and put them in the blender.  I then juice two apples in my juicer, to pour over the cranberries and blend.  I continue juicing the apples, about five more.  Pour all into blender and stir.  The juice will be frosty cold because the cranberries were frozen.  That is how I drink it.

The reason I drink cranberry apple juice this way is, when you blend fruit instead of juicing it you get the entire fruit including the fiber, which gives you a whole juice so you get all the enzymes, vitamins, phytochemicals and nutrition.  Your body has to digest the fiber so it keeps you full longer, and the fiber helps you stay regular by pushing through your colon.  Juicing can not keep you full for long because you are only pulling the liquid and the nutrition is absorbed into your system very quickly.  When juicing, all the fiber of the fruit is separated and you throw it away afterwards.  I have a way to combat that, but let’s stay on track, I will coach more on this during next month, after we do the Master Cleanse.

If you are a beginner, just use one appliance, your juicer.  It will take less time and you only have one gadget to clean up.  Once you get more conviction for what you are doing, you can transition.  In this case, do not freeze the cranberries.  Keep the bag in the fridge and every day measure one cup of cranberries and pop them in your juicer with seven apples.  It makes a very nutritious, deep red juice.  The apple will make it sweet, but you will definitely taste the tart of the cranberries. Cranberries are a wonderfully, powerful fruit, here are some of the listed health benefits:

  • can help prevent urinary track infections by preventing bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary track system
  • contain quinic acid which prevents calcium and specific phosphate chemicals from binding together.  These two elements binding together is what forms kidney stones therefore they are thought to prevent kidney stones
  • can help prevent a build up of dental plaque in the mouth, by eliminating the amount of bacteria found in the mouth
  • rich in antioxidants and photochemicals
  • removes purines, uric acid and toxins from the bladder, kidneys, and prostate, which means a healthier prostate and less risk of prostate cancer*

Note: Do not go out and buy store bought cranberry juice cocktail.  It is laden with High Fructose corn syrup.  So while the cranberries kill the bacteria in your mouth, your teeth are being bathed in corn syrup!  No, just juice it fresh!

Drink your two quarts of juice daily as a meal replacement for breakfast.  At lunch I have a large salad with a homemade raw dressing that I make.  The dressing video is on the EatWellStayYoung member site, however there are tons of raw salad dressings you can make.  At dinner, if you are a meat eater, make your meat the side dish instead of the main attraction!  Cover your plate with veggies and salad also.

That is a little deeper on “how” I do it.  We do the Master Cleanse together every January, May, July and September.  We do it together as a group, so if you want to join us on the next one, simply click on the master cleanse coaching button and opt-in!

Make it a Green Day!


Reference: *The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing book by Jay Kordich, Integrative Nutrition website, VOXXI website

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