Everybody Messes up, Get Up and Get Back on Plan

December 20, 2012

Master Cleanse, Raw Food, Weight Loss

Everybody messes up, but the difference between some and others is, they mess up, they GET UP and get right back on the plan.

I have successfully taken women from size 22 to size 10; from size 20 to size 10; size 22 to size 16, and everything in between.  The woman size 22 to size 16 was a Pastor’s wife.  He liked big women so when she got to size 16 she said, “Pastor likes me this size.”  Everybody is different.  One person’s fat is another person’s fine, so do what is right for you.  The platform I work from is HEALTHY, meaning as long as you are healthy on the inside, is what is important.  To do this, I operate from a cleansing foundation.

God gave me the gift of exhortation.  I use it to encourage people to treat their miraculous body like the precious temple that it is.

Beware of the Dollar Menu

Obesity in America is an epidemic and many people are affected.  Our life styles have changed since the 1940’s in Grandma’s day.  We have fast food restaurants on every corner so the access to High Cholesterol forming, trans-fat laden, obesity enabling, fast food joints which lure you in with their, “Dollar Menu,” is staggering.  As a struggling single parent it felt like the dollar menu, was a gift from heaven… it is not.  It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  How did the struggling family in the 1940s feed their children?  Mother made a pot of chili beans and rice, homemade spaghetti, potato casserole, or cheese strata.  I have eaten them all in days past.  Remember a home cooked meal is more nutritious than anything you could buy from the fast food place.

We already know the evils of “fast food.”  What we don’t know is how to undo the damage to our bodies and our family.  The answer is not what we want to hear, “eat less” and “exercise more.”  Then there is the dilemma of fitting it all into our hectic schedules.

For 2013, if you have made the decision to let this be the year you become more health conscience, then let’s take this journey together.  There are many peaks, pitfalls and valleys on this journey, and there is a plateau or two to overcome.

The key is to have your mind made up.  To know everything will not taste as good as “bad carbs!” 😉  But you will learn new flavors, new combinations, new experiences.  You can not continue to do what you have been doing and expect different results.

That is why so many people gain all their weight back.  After initial success they go right back to eating the way they had been eating.  So I suggest you replace breakfast with two quarts of fresh juice.  Fruits and veggies made into juice flushes the kidneys, hydrates the body and cuts the fat and calories that you would have gotten from traditional breakfast!  What a great first step!  Note:  I am talking about juicing live, fresh juice with your juicer, not buying store bought, homogenized, dead juice!  :)

Next, Cleansing is essential to a healthy body.  I coach four group cleanses per year.  So if you are cleansing with us in January, let’s get prepared.  Go get yourself a juicer and let’s start our daily juicing regimen.  One quart of green juice every morning and one quart of fresh fruit juice!  I will be expanding on the expectations so check back here.  By January 8th when we begin, you will have built up some food disciplines that will carry you well through the upcoming year!

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