Eat the Rainbow – Transform in 30

Eat the Rainbow, the Colorful Way to End All Dieting

Have you tried them all?

How would you like to walk into your grocery store, shop for natural food items and never have to diet

  • No dangerous fad diets
  • No prescriptions
  • Eat as much as you want
  • Wherever you want
  • No kidding!

Am I saying that you can lose weight and not go hungry?

  • Yes, I am
  • If you know the rules you can do just that
  • Eat as much as you want
  • Transform your Body

What if you Were Able to:

  • Look Younger
  • Feel More Vibrant and Alive
  • Regulate Your Weight Without
  • Counting Calories, Eating by Points, or weighing your food?

What am I talking about?

  • My name is Pamm Turner
  • I am 57 years old
  • I am the Mother of 5 adult children

I have coached the Master Cleanse for the past 17 years and helped a lot of people lose weight. From size
22 to size 10 in 7 months, from 42 inch waist to 33 inch waist in 6 months. I have helped women lose
weight for weddings, reunions, Holiday parties, and birthday parties!

I am a certified Holistic Health coach and have been trained in over 100 of the most popular fad diets. I
say fad diets because yes, they can help you lose the weight but MOST of us gain it right back… and then

Right up front I am going to tell you, gimmicks and fads don’t last. So how can you Transform in


We are going to flood the body with Fruits and Vegetables. We will tap into the Power of Food and
let’s see how you Transform in 30 days!


The Power of Food

I first got into the Power of Food 17 years ago. I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure.

I was prescribed medication, ½ pill per day. My doctor told me, I would have to take medication
the rest of my life.

She said that age, gender and my race were the reason I had developed high blood pressure. She
also told me that no one she knew had ever come off of the medication.

Body Cleansing

So I read everything I could about healing the body. I came across the idea of cleansing the
body. I read that over 90% of all disease begins in the colon.

I also learned that fruits are cleansers and that vegetables are the building blocks of life,
responsible for strong, healthy muscles, tissue, glands and organs!


  • So I took my medication – everyday and…
  • I immediately did the cleanse
  • I did the cleanse in January
  • I did the cleanse in July
  • I did the cleanse in January again

And Do You Know What Happened?

  • In one year I no longer needed to take High Blood Pressure Medication
  • It took one year to clean my body out enough, that my system regulated itself and my blood
    pressure was normal

WARNING: Never stop taking your medication without the consent of your
Physician. This is my personal testimony. You should always get the advice of your medical
professional before making decisions about your health.

So I began to Teach The Cleanse

First I started at my job with co-workers

Anyone that would listen. I’ve coached…

  • Engineers
  • Television Production Crew
  • Real Estates Agents
  • Work-out enthusiasts
  • Nurses
  • Brides To Be

What happens when you go back into the Land of Eating?

I found that I was very successful with coaching people to cleanse. A lot of my clients hung in
there, and lost weight.

But once they were turned loose back into the land of Eating, the land
of fast food, the land of comfort food, they were slowly lured back to their old eating
lifestyle. Back to the food addictions that plague so many of us.

Eat the Rainbow – Transform in 30, was developed for
the next step of Empowerment

As you can see…

  • The Power of Food has become a passion for me
  • So I did a 10 day cleanse
  • Twice per year
  • Every year
  • Until I was 50
  • Now in my 50s I cleanse three times per year!

And I noticed something…

  • The Aging Process is very SLOW with me
  • That’s me at age 54

So Again I did Research

This time on Aging

And I Found a beautiful Word:


  • Antioxidants Fight the Aging process in your body
  • They are not produced in the body, you must ingest them
  • They fight free radicals which are molecules that damage the body
  • They help reverse the damage of oxidation of the cells
  • If you cut a potato and leave it, it turns brown due to oxidation
  • If you cut a potato and splash lemon juice on it, the potato does not turn brown
  • Think of the lemon juice as ANTIOXIDANTS
  • The foods highest in Antioxidants are Raw Fruits and Vegetables.

For the next 30 Days we are going to Eat
the Rainbow– Transform in 30. Our meal plan
will be full of Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds, which contain essential vitamins,
minerals, and micronutrients to protect the Body!

You are what you Eat

  • In just ten days you have new taste buds
  • Every 28 days, your skin replaces itself
  • And it take four months for new blood
  • Every five months the liver is renewed
  • Your lungs take six weeks
  • It takes ten years for your bones to regenerate
  • Your body makes these new cells from the food you eat
  • What you eat literally becomes YOU
  • YOU give your body the building materials based on what you eat!
  • So therefore you have a choice in what you are made of!
  • Isn’t that powerful?


The Power in Eat the Rainbow– Transform in 30

We are going to explore color, vibrant and alive. Your cells are alive,
our body is made up of trillions of cells. We are going to eat food that is fresh and

Eat the Rainbow – Transform in 30 will feed the cells
of the body.

Don’t Panic I am not going to totally take Away Your Meat. We are also
going to eat cooked food as well, however limiting meat consumption is a part of the guidelines
in Eat the Rainbow– Transform in 30

Where will you be if for the next 30 days you flood the body with Fruits
and Vegetables?

Exciting to think about isn’t it?!

Eat the Rainbow– Transform in 30 is more than just a cool, fun way to eat. It is a mindset, an attitude, a way of
life. It is easy to follow, easy to remember and most important, it will allow YOU to take control
of your own health and life!

The program is founded on foods that provide your body with what it
needs for excellent health. It enables you to lose weight and keep it off without experiencing
hunger or feel deprived for food.






Why Diets Don’t Work?

  • How many of you have gone on a diet and had a tiny portion of food for breakfast. After
    breakfast you watched the clock until lunch.
  • After that pitiful portion of food, called lunch, you did not know how you were going to
    make it until dinner.
  • What happened? One of two things…
  • You caved in and went to your favorite fast food for a cheeseburger or you made it and shed
    some pounds.
  • After that you went back to the way you were eating, gained all the weight back and then

Eat the Rainbow – Transform in 30

Eat the Rainbow is based on allowing you to eat until
you are full. Who wants to be hungry? That would make you irritable and miserable. Those plans
do not work! So you should not go hungry, but you will eat foods with a rich nutrient value and
less foods with a low nutritional value.

I like to think of it as crowding the belly with nutrition, so you will not have much room for

I Want In – What next?

Once you join you will be invited to the webinar series and will
receive your welcome letter, your Eat The Rainbow food tracker, and your results tracker.

Q.What if I don’t like the food?

A. That’s easy – Eat the Rainbow is designed so that it can be
customized to what you DO like! No staring at brussel sprouts and hating the thought of putting
them in your mouth!

Why a Coach?

  • A Personal Support System. Group coaching gives you the opportunity to
    share your feelings with others and develop deeper connections, making your sessions more
  • Knowing you are not alone in your journey will help you develop the confidence and
    motivation to address your challenges and succeed
  • Higher Likelihood of Achieving Goals. You are much more likely to stick to
    your gym routine if you have a gym buddy, right?
  • The same is true with group coaching
  • When individuals are part of a group, they procrastinate less, accomplish more, and reach
    their goals faster
  • Gain A New Perspective. When you go on a weight loss journey alone, you
    examine situations that come up from one perspective – yours.
  • But when you are in a weight loss support group, you are exposed to a variety of insights
    that empower you to see a situation from multiple angles and motivate you to continue.
  • That is what a cleansing support group does, we uplift and encourage.
  • A Team Invested in Your Success When you join a weight loss journey support
    group, the whole team will celebrate your success!
  • Did you ever share a success with a friend and they didn’t seem quite as excited as you
    wanted them to be?
  • You will find your fellow team-mates excited and happy about each milestone you overcome in
    this journey
  • Your goal becomes my goal!
  • You will join a group that is energizing, motivating and most of all, fun!
  • Group members often become fast friends!
  • A Great Value Get the same quality coaching, but at a fraction of the cost
    of individual coaching.
  • A certified coach charges anywhere from $100 to $250 per hour for individual coaching
  • So a support group is a smart and affordable way to receive top-notch guidance!

My Client Miranda from California

My Client CeDarian, from Florida lost 52lbs in 6


  • In the Eat the Rainbow – Transform in 30 Challenge, You will
  • The Power of Food and How to Control it
  • The 5 Essential items you should have in your kitchen at all times
  • Food Preparation, with weekly demonstrations
  • The Power of Juicing
  • The Magic Word of the Day, Antioxidants
  • How the Lack of Sleep Robs you of your Youth
  • The Bathroom Scale is not your friend, so get off of it!
  • How to Stay Motivated to Stay on the Journey






One of my competitors charges a little over $150 for her training/coaching program.

She is excellent but she does NOT hold live webinars, to interact with her clients

But I am not going to charge you $150 for the month. There are items I suggest you buy. I recommend a
juicer, a high speed blender and a food processor would be nice. In fact I am going to show you how
to set up your kitchen to Eat the Rainbow – Transform in 30.

I am not going to charge you $100 for the classes. I will send you shopping lists and you will need
to purchase those food items from the market to be ready for our on-line webinar series.

I am not even going to charge you $75 for coaching Eat the Rainbow
– Transform in 30. I want to set you up for success, share with you what I have learned from 17
years of studying how to keep the body healthy and looking young.

We are going to go through Eat the Rainbow
– Transform in 30, designed to properly fuel your body; because your body has the ability to heal
itself, keep you healthy and vibrant and to keep you looking and feeling young.  You will receive support and coaching to help you make it through.

So join me. I am going to Hold Your Hand and Walk You Through This Journey and you can get in now for


With my Eat the Rainbow
– Transform in 30, I take you step by step and become your body coach and accountability partner

Therefore I can only handle a limited number of clients for this Challenge. I already have many that
have expressed interest so act now if you want to make a change in your lifestyle towards glowing
health and you want to Eat the Rainbow – Transform in 30!

If you have been on the Master Cleanse coaching webinars you know I take personal interest in your

So Join me. I want to meet you in the upcoming weeks and hear your testimonies!

Finally you have someone to help you reach your goals, at a great price! Take advantage of this
excellent offer, Grab your seat now and I will see you on-line!

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