Do French Fries Count if You Ate Them at Disney?

We have talked about keeping your body in an alkalized state.  We should eat 80% foods that are alkaline and only about 20% foods that are acid forming.  Unfortunately in America we tend to eat about 90% or more acidic and only a tiny percentage of foods that are alkaline.  So let’s see why we eat so much food that is acidic.  Here is a quick list of Acid Forming Foods:

  • all meats
  • all fish
  • poultry and eggs
  • pasteurized and processed milk
  • all commercial dairy cheeses, ice cream
  • all grains except millet (and I have never tasted millet)
  • breads, cereals, crackers
  • flours, pastas, noodles
  • peanuts
  • cooked food
  • fried food
  • commercial olives
  • preservatives and additives
  • white sugar
  • dried coconut
  • ungerminated nuts and seeds
  • carob
  • candy and chocolate
  • soda and alcoholic beverages
  • coffee and commercial tea
  • drugs and tobacco
  • sugar-processed fruits
  • pickled foods
  • all sugar-containing foods
  • commercial vinegars and dressings

So I told you about the Raw Food Scramble that I made.  I told you it was so good I had it again for lunch over a large chopped salad.  But I didn’t tell you the rest of the story…

I walked into the break room to eat lunch, a co-worker was there so I sat with him.  He was eating something, I wasn’t paying attention to his food.  I was eating my salad and we were talking.  He had been dipping french fries into a container of vinegar and then into tarter sauce.  They were the large cut steak fries, I don’t even like steak fries.

And then he asked me… if I would like some fries.  A million thoughts swarmed my head all at once.

  • I don’t like steak fries…
  • I love tarter sauce
  • My uncle used to eat fries with tarter sauce when I was a little girl
  • I wonder do french fries taste good with tarter sauce
  • I have not eaten french fries in years
  • I only like fries from the golden arches
  • My body is alkaline and I want to keep it that way
  • Fries are acidic and I do not want any
  • I want to try fries with tarter sauce
  • Silly, It will not hurt your PH levels to try just one
  • I can not be rude and decline his offer to have a fry
  • There is a tarter sauce sitting here that has not been used yet
  • I am not on the Master Cleanse I can eat now
  • Is anyone going to take a picture of this and expose me on Facebook?
  • I do not want to put grease into my squeaky clean body
  • Does he read my blog and know I do not eat this type of garbage?
  • The man is looking at me waiting for an answer
  • I will check my PH first thing in the morning
  • …okay just one

So I picked up that thick, grease laden, piece of potato, slowly dipped it in tarter sauce as I had watched my uncle do many times as a little girl.  I lifted the fry to my mouth and took a bite.  The tartness of the vinegar exploded in my mouth, the sweet crunch of the pickle relish followed, the pungent flavors of minced garlic and sweet onion, assaulted my taste buds.  Tarter sauce was everything that I remembered and more.  The steak fry was greasy and gross and I remembered why I do not like steak fries.  But the tarter sauce…  I kept eating the fries so I could keep eating the tarter sauce, and I was justifying in my mind that my PH would be okay because the test strip was a beautiful dark green with a reading of 7.0 this morning …and I kept eating greasy, gross, steak fries.

My co-worker had to get back to work, and I kept eating the steak fries.  The salad was all but forgotten as I kept eating the steak fries.  And then the tarter sauce was all gone.  I got up to leave, packed my salad and went back to work.

Later that evening once I got home, I finished off the forgotten salad and went to bed.  When my eyes opened the next morning, I sprang out of bed to check my PH.  Keeping my body alkaline is a game I play to win… everyday!  So I checked my PH and the strip turned a disappointing deep yellow.  6.0 PH, according to the color chart on the box is “too acidic.”

What did I expect?  So know this, a plate of fries, is a plate of fries and although Disney is magical, pixie dust can not neutralize the acid in a plate of steak fries! (smile)

Tomorrow is another day, and I will get my alkalized body back!

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