Countdown to 2013? NO! Countdown to a new YOU!

December 11, 2012

Master Cleanse, Weight Loss

The Holidays are in full swing and we are bustling around to get it all done.  Get into that little black dress for the Christmas parties… but we ate too much during Thanksgiving and that little black dress just might have to be the “big” black dress, this time.  We are decorating, having our cookie parties… (I didn’t know what that was until last week, thanks Cherie!)  We are making a list and checking it twice… now we KNOW Santa is supposed to do that, but we seem to have gotten mixed up into doing his job!  And we wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.  Most of us thrive during the Holidays.  Why?

Holidays are filled with good cheer, love, happiness, yes stress also, but happy stress!  We bring family near and we celebrate with food.  Candy canes, Christmas cookies, specialty cakes, office parties, pot lucks, and Christmas dinner.  That is what Holidays mean to most ofus, family, love and food… or should I say, Love OF food?  Whatever it is, the last thing I want to think about, is that I should NOT have another helping of banana pudding!

This year, I must say I am impressed.  Many of you have contacted me and said, PLEASE put me on a mini cleanse, or a raw food plan!  Not that I have been much help besides nudging you to the Membership site to allow my pre-recorded webinars to help instead of the live, loving, caring coach that I can be.  I apologize for that lapse.  The best I can do right now is lead you on your daily 100 crunches, and two quarts of freshly made juice per day, one of them green juice.

However now that we are about one month away from doing our next cleanse, the whipped cream fog is clearing from my head and I am thinking about next month.  I know some of you are saying, “It is about time!”  So here is the schedule for the upcoming cleanse.

January 2013  Master Cleanse Coaching via live webinars

  • Pre Cleanse coaching:  January 8th and 9th
  • 10 Day Cleanse:  January 13 – 22nd
  • Post Cleanse coaching:  January 23rd – 25th

As before, we will meet online each night and I will hold a live webinar.  We will cover many topics regarding weight loss, fasting, cleansing, healing and health.

What to do first?

Ok that is in January, what do I do now?

The reality of the matter is we are still in the throes of the Holidays.  Here is what I am doing…

  • 100 crunches every morning to an upbeat song.  I use “Pretty Young Thing” by Michael Jackson.  The beat is perfect for crunches.
  • Juice 1 quart of green juice every morning
  • Juice 1 quart of fruit or vegetable juice every morning

Use the juice as a meal replacement for breakfast.  Have a large salad for lunch.  At dinner, if you eat meat, have the meat as your side dish and cover your plate with veggies and/or salad.  Christmas dinner is out the window, I know, but jump back into gear by the 26th or no later than the 27th.  If you eat this way into January, you will get your body alkaline for your up coming cleanse.

The goal is to stay mindful and not just totally let go.  We want to be able to whip our bodies back into shape next year and the more you stay on coarse through the Holidays, the better the cleanse will go for you.  Remember the average weight loss on the cleanse is 13 to 20 pounds, so we don’t want to put on 20 pounds prior to cleansing.  We are going for a new and improved YOU!

Enjoy and don’t forget we celebrate Jesus’ birthday!

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