CeDarian Master Cleanse Day 22

January 21, 2013

Master Cleanse, Weight Loss

CeDarian is back to check-in on Day 22 on the Master Cleanse. He has had a tough week, but he wanted to celebrate his Master Cleanse before and after, losing two inches off his waist. This takes him from beginning waist of 44″ down to 37-1/2″. This is part IV of CeDarian’s journey!

I coach the Master Cleanse four times per year, January, May, July and September. We as a group joined CeDarian on the cleanse one week ago. We will come off of the cleanse on this coming Wednesday, however CeDarian has chosen to continue for the full 30 days!

I have a 15 day live webinar series to help get you through. If you would like to cleanse with CeDarian and the other cleansers, join the membership site. CeDarian will be on the cleanse until January 29th so log on and join him. He would love the company! Go to PammTurner.com and click on Master Cleanse to opt-in and join. I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/judi.ventress Judi Ventress

    Amen, brother! You don’t gotta prove nuthin’ to nobody, but yo’ body! You go!!! And, I DON’T KNOW YOU, BUT THERE IS a DRASTIC DIFFERENCE between Day 1 & day 22. SO, keep up the good work for yourself!!! Your strength & determination is inspirational to many!

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