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Raw Dessert – Chocolate Cherry Parfait

December 23, 2013


Raw Dessert Chocolate Cherry Parfait

One of my favorite aspects of raw food is Raw Dessert!  Maybe because I was told by a Holistic Doctor to go on raw food for 9 months, so my body could heal itself of a bleeding fibroid tumor.  I did, but back then Raw Food to me was simply salad, salad and more salad.  […]

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Raw Food Eggnog

December 19, 2013



Raw Food Eggnog …Hmmm.  Well we are underway on Week 1 of the 30 Day Raw Food Challenge.  What makes this time unique from the first one we did last September is this… This time we are going through the Holidays. Now that wasn’t MY idea, I am not a glutton for punishment!  My next […]

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Raw Sour Cream Recipe Review

July 19, 2013


Why am I reviewing a raw sour cream?  I love dairy, but I am allergic to it!  Of course, we always love what we can’t have!    Dairy makes mucus, and for me, put that into triple drive.  Since I love dairy and was unwilling to give it up, I always kept tissue with me.  Dairy […]

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