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Master Cleanse Pre-Cleanse coaching begins tomorrow at 9pm EST

January 8, 2013


Master Cleanse coaching begins tomorrow!

Welcome to the New Year! I hope you enjoyed the Holidays! Many of you have signed up for information on the Master Cleanse! We do the Master Cleanse together as a group three times per year and we are doing the kick off Master Cleanse for 2013. In your New Year’s resolutions did you include […]

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30 Days on the Master Cleanse?

January 6, 2013


A young man contacted me and said he needed help with his weight loss journey. He lost 55 pounds on his own with the help of a personal trainer. At that point he reached a plateau. Not being able to loose anymore weight, he started searching for an answer. Someone suggested he go on the […]

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Everybody Messes up, Get Up and Get Back on Plan

December 20, 2012


dollar menu

Everybody messes up, but the difference between some and others is, they mess up, they GET UP and get right back on the plan. I have successfully taken women from size 22 to size 10; from size 20 to size 10; size 22 to size 16, and everything in between.  The woman size 22 to […]

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First It Was Green, Then It Was Red!

December 15, 2012


cranberry juice

My good friend posted on Facebook, “Pamm I really want to know how you do this.  If I know specifically how you do this, then I can do it.” Okay.  First I have a personal conviction due to the fact I have a personal health testimony of the Power of Juicing and Cleansing the body. […]

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An Alkaline Body is the Plan

December 12, 2012



I received a text yesterday asking about PH. Q. What do you do when you check PH and it is below 7? A. Add more greens to your diet.  Fruits and vegetables, raw food.  Veggies and raw food alkalize the body Q. How do lemon and limes alkalize if they are citrus acids? A. They […]

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Countdown to 2013? NO! Countdown to a new YOU!

December 11, 2012



The Holidays are in full swing and we are bustling around to get it all done.  Get into that little black dress for the Christmas parties… but we ate too much during Thanksgiving and that little black dress just might have to be the “big” black dress, this time.  We are decorating, having our cookie […]

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Master Cleanse, Cleansing/Healing Crisis

July 21, 2012



Why Am I Toxic? Eating a poor diet, laden with fat, sugar, fried food, fast food, junk food Overeating Drinking excess alcohol Taking Drugs – of course I meant prescription medication! Medication – ok, so maybe I DID mean taking drugs  😛 Pollution – that’s tough to overcome since we can’t stop breathing! Cigarette smoke […]

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Late for the Master Cleanse, to Heck with Her!

July 18, 2012

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BBQ ribs

The information age continues to astound me and stump me at the same time.  I had these grandiose ideas of coaching the Master Cleanse, only this time putting my training on-line, setting up webinars, and sending invites via my list! I planned to do all of this between working full time, which half of that is […]

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