Candle 79 Vegan Restaurant Review

June 17, 2012

EatWellStayYoung, Raw Food

by Pamm Turner
Five stars or hearts for Healthy Heart eating!  ♥♥♥♥♥

Being a vegan or raw foodist on vacation or even a work/cation, as I am on can be a challenge.  But NOT if you are in the Big Apple.  Candle 79 is an award winning restaurant on the upper East side.  An eloquent eatery that you can dress upscale casual, for those that like to dress.  Coming from Orlando – the land of Hawaiian shirts, docker shorts and flip flops, it was a pleasure to don slacks, a satin shirt and make-up!

The evening started with a surprise from the chef.  A creative spoon sample of mushroom, wild rice salad.  My regret was I ate it in one mouthful!  Had I known it was that delicious I would have savored it in (Southern Bell style) prissy bites!  Instead of spooning it in one gulp!  Oh it was absolutely wonderful!  I wish I could explain what was in it!  I was so impressed, I asked for a plate of it as a meal!  They declined very politely saying the chef only prepared enough for” tasters”.  It was truly outstanding.

Next came my order, Live young coconut Pad Thai, and if you watched me wrestle with the coconut for my smoothie,

Coconut Pad Thai

Coconut Pad Thai

you know I love young Thai coconut.  Well, this creative chef, took young coconut meat and cleverly made it into Pad Thai noodles!  With an ingenious mix of marinated vegetables, wasabi leaves, mushrooms, lemongrass-tamarind cream and spicy cashews, the dish was incredible and totally raw food!  I closed my eyes in bliss!

Next the server brought out, Stuffed Avocado.  Which was baby greens, quinoa, zucchini strips, spring peas, julienne cucumbers and radishes, with toasted pumpkins seeds, sweet grape tomatoes and an amazing chipotle-avocado dressing!  Superb!

stuffed avocado

Stuffed avocado

I ate slow to savor the meal and it was truly impressive.  What I love about fine raw food, is to use a lot of ingredients.  That way the food is high in flavor as well as multiple textures for a variety of tastes.  I was too stuffed to order dessert, but that looked good also!

The highlight of the evening was the mushroom wild rice salad with it’s explosive flavor.  I invited the chef to my table to pick his brain, and I had planned to tip him, however he didn’t come.  So I used his tip money to sit on the computer at the hotel and post this review!  LOL

I highly recommend this restaurant.  There is a lot more I want to try on the menu.  Candle 79 has also put out a cookbook.  I am going to add it to my library and I am already planning to return and dine there again, on my next trip to New York in August!

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