Can I Do the Master Cleanse with a Blender?

A young man contacted me wanting to start the Master Cleanse.  He is getting married in February and wants to shed some excess weight.

He does not have a blender and asked if he could do the Master Cleanse and just blend the lemon until it is liquified and then measure it into each serving.  I told him to go ahead since he did not want to purchase a juicer.

Day one of drinking the modified lemonade, he threw up.  Twenty fours hours of drinking the modified lemonade and he had not once gone to the bathroom to eliminate.

What Went Wrong?

Here is my take.  If you blend the lemon you are ingesting the fiber of the lemon.  It is no longer a juice fast, it is the equivalent of food.  In fact when you take whole fruit and liquify it in the blender it is called whole food.  That is the premise of the Vita Mix, which is an excellent way to make smoothies, but that is not what we are doing here.  So in essence you are changing the dynamics of the cleanse.

I asked the young man to go and pick up a juicer.  He was now ready to do the cleanse by the book.  So until he was able to purchase a juicer he began only using the juice of the lemon, squeezing the juice out by hand.  He wrote back that the Master Cleanse was going much better.

There are other reasons you can throw up on this cleanse.  Being super toxic and in a cleansing crisis is huge for many people.  The best way to feel confident about the cleanse is follow it to the letter.

What Type of Juicer Do I Need?

Citrus Press

Great question, but there is no set answer.  You can use something as simple as a juice press.  That is where you cut the lemon in half and twist it over an inverted mound to press the juice from the fruit.  Or you can go big and purchase a juicer with a wide shoot so that the entire fruit can be juiced in seconds, peel and all!  The idea is not what type of juicer you start out using for the Master Cleanse.  What is important is that you start!

So if you do not have a juicer then wait to do the Master Cleanse and start when you have everything you need to do it properly.

What Else Do I Need?

If you are interested in joining us for the next Master Cleanse I have a video of what items you will need to purchase.  Take a look:  Master Cleanse What to Buy

Pamm Turner coaches the Master Cleanse as a group, four times per year on Facebook, January, May, July and September.  If you would like to sign up for the next session join us on this site or join on Facebook by clicking in the column on the top right.

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