30 Days on the Master Cleanse?

A young man contacted me and said he needed help with his weight loss journey. He lost 55 pounds on his own with the help of a personal trainer. At that point he reached a plateau. Not being able to loose anymore weight, he started searching for an answer. Someone suggested he go on the Master Cleanse.

So he started the cleanse and is on Day 7. The interesting thing is he is shooting for 30 days! The Master Cleanse coaching will begin on January 8th. I will teach two days of Pre Cleanse training to build up your alkaline level. Then on January 13th we will begin Day 1 of the cleanse. The live webinar will continue for 10 days with a different topic covered every night to keep you motivated, informed and encouraged to stay on the journey.

At the end you will learn how to come off of the Master Cleanse safely and we will continue with 3 days of post cleansing to solidify your cleansing results.

What Can You Do Now?
1. Buy PH papers from your local Health Food Store or specialty market.
2. Check your PH every day. You can even begin to log your test results and keep a chart. If your test strip is green – good job, your body is reading alkaline. If the strip is yellow :( you need more fruits, veggies and alkaline forming foods.

For a list of alkaline forming foods, read the blog post, An Alkaline Body is the Plan.

People ask me what I do in between cleanses. I recommend a green juice every morning. I make the green juice, cancer survivor Kris Carr talks about. Kris had stage 4 cancer and drank her green juice everyday to help heal herself of cancer. I drink her juice everyday, however I am going to start drinking Ginger Lemon Blast, introduced by Lou Corona. Lou is 58 yrs old and absolutely looks like he is in his 30s!! He also, drinks green juice everyday.

So your task is to complete the above steps, start working on getting your body alkaline and get ready for the Pre-Cleanse coaching on January 8th. The Master Cleanse Day 1, begins January 13th, to join us opt-in at PammTurner.com or simply click on the Master Cleanse coaching link on this blog!

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  • Darrylobrasatt

    The video of sedarius was awesome! Congrats! I’m hoping to feel great. Get a good eating regiment and loose weight! Good job Coach Darrell Satterfield

    • http://pammturnerbodycoach.com/ Pamm Turner

      Darrell, please let me know when you are ready. Some of the people from my last class are really doing good on my “Almost” raw 30 Day Challenge